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TRS Magazine Contents Page - Summer 2010

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Welcome to the Summer 2010 edition of our online magazine. 

Thank you to those of you who have contributed articles to make this possible.

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  • Jim Oaks

  • Korey89

  • Desert Rat 23

  • PlumCrazy

  • DarkMax

  • fordxranger


What's Going On

Shop News - What's been going on around here.
The Ranger Militia - Creating a new social network to bring enthusiasts face to face.


Pvt. Andrew Miller (AMiller) - In memory of forum member AMiller (Pvt. Andrew Miller)

Pvt. Andrew Miller Fundraiser - Raising money for the Military Family Funds in honor of Pvt. Andrew Miller.

Special Events

TRS Banner Across America - Can the members of our forum hand carry an item from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean passing it off from one member to the next? We're going to find out.


The Henry Ford Museum - From old vehicles to large early machinery. This museum covers innovation in our country. Click HERE.

Henry Ford's Greenfield Village - Take a trip back in time that you'll never forget. Click HERE.

Technical Articles

Recovering Your Headliner - Replacing your headliner with a suede liner.

Ranger Center Console Fix - Fixing the Ford Ranger center console so it doesn't open automatically.

Timing Belt Replacement - Replacing the timing belt on your 2000 and older Ford Ranger 4-cylinder.

Alternator Upgrade - Installing a high output 200 amp alternator and improving the wiring.

The Ford 4.6L (281 CID) Engine - Getting insight on the 4.6L modular engine.

Isuzu Trooper Mirrors - How to add factory power doors.

Oil Filter Upgrade - Upgrading to a larger oil filer.

Properly Wiring Accessories - How to change your rear spring shackles and hangers.



The Ranger Station

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