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In February 2010 forum member 'hoosier1104' suggested a 'Gear from coast to coast' idea that would involve taking an object (initially a set of used gears) and seeing if we could get our forums members to hand carry it from one side of the country to the other. There was some discussion on what the actual object would be, and I offered up my old TRS banner that had been hanging in my shed.

May 5, 2010:

On May 5th 2010 we kicked off TRS Banner Across America. Click HERE for the forum discussion. The goal was to get our forum members to hand it off from one member to the next, until we could get it from the east coast to the west coast.

The banner would be mailed to a member along the east coast along with a permanent marker and instructions. The member would have to take a photo with the banner, sign it, and then relay it to the next member willing to receive it. 

The path the banner takes will be solely at the discretion of the members. The ultimate goal is to get it to the Pacific Ocean and photographed.

The banner was mailed off to forum member 'kcm1582' in Worcester MA. On May 20th, kcm1582 posted that he took the banner to the Atlantic Ocean, and was photographed holding the banner in the ocean.

(kcm1582 above and below at the Atlantic Ocean)

May 31, 2010:

On May 31st, forum member 'Madracingalley' posted that he had met kcm1582 to get the banner. The banner had now made it to Gansevoort, NY.

( <------- Madracingalley     kcm1582 -------> )

(kcm1582 signing the banner)

June 22, 2010:

On June 22nd, Madracingalley posted that he had handed the banner off to WNY964X4. The banner was now in East Pembroke , NY.

(Madracingalley above)


Madracingalley and WNY964X4 met in front of Remington Arms. Here's a little interesting information for you on Remington:

Remington was founded in 1816 by Eliphalet Remington in Ilion, New York, as E. Remington and Sons. It is the oldest company in the United States which still makes its original product, and is the oldest continuously operating manufacturer in North America. It is the only US company which produces both firearms and ammunition domestically, and is the largest US producer of shotguns and rifles.

July 9, 2010:

On July 9th, WNY964x4 posted that he had handed the banner off to rangernystyle. The banner finally made it as far as Eden NY.

There isn't any photos available of rangernystyle with the banner.

July 20, 2010:

On July 20th, 86isuzu posted that he had received the banner from rangernystyle. The banner was slowly getting across NY and was now in Tonawanda, NY.

July 21, 2010:

On July 21st,  Grey_04 posted that he had received the banner from 86isuzu. The banner finally made it out of NY and in to Venango County, Pa. 

(<----- Grey_04's Ranger - 86isuzu's Ranger ---->)

July 22, 2010:

On July 22nd, Grey_04 took the banner to Joe Taylor Ford in Seneca, Pa and got the banner photographed with one of their signs.

July 23, 2010:

On July 23rd, Grey_04 passed it off to Black'03LevelII in Hubbard Ohio. Myself and my wife Vanessa went to Hubbard to meet Grey_04 and Black'03LevelII for the exchange.

(Black'03LevelII / Jim Oaks / Grey_04)

July 30, 2010:

On July 30th, Black'03LevelII met up with JSpafford for the exchange. JSpafford took the banner home to Columbus, Ohio.

August 6, 2010:

On August 6th, JSpafford met with PlumCrazy and so he could sign the banner.


August 7, 2010:

On August 7th, JSpafford met up with Hoosier1104, AirborneRanger53, and ranger_mclaren and passed it off to Hoosier1104

(Hoosier1104, AirborneRanger53, Jspafford, and ranger_mclaren)

(Hoosier1104 signing the banner)

(ranger_mclaren signing the banner)

On that same day, Hoosier1104 took the banner to Bloomington Indiana and met allnpt0, mini274, chazzone, Xandor. At that point it was passed off to mini274.

(chazzone, hoosier1104, allnpt0, mini274 and Xandor)

August 8, 2010:

On August 8th, mini274 took it to Owensboro, KY and met Frank The Tank along the way. They then met up with 86 Slo-Vo and gave the banner to him. The banner was now on its way to Kentucky.

On that same day, 86 slo-vo met up with railman and gave him the banner. The banner was now in Madisonville Ky.

(railman and 86 slo-vo)

August 13, 2010:

On August 13th, railman took the banner to Turkey Bay for an off-roading trip with RangerSVT.

(RangerSVT in the bed of railman's Ranger)

(RangerSVT signing the banner)

(Jay94 signing the banner)

(railman signing the banner)

(Jay94 & railman)

August 18, 2010:

As of August 18th, RangerSVT has the banner in Indian Mound, TN looking for a member to relay it to........


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Follow the route the banner has traveled HERE.