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By Jim Oaks

Hello everyone. 

I want to apologize for not creating a spring issue, and for taking so long to create one at all this year. 

2010 has been a busy year for me the purchase of my new home. The house was a foreclosure that needs some TLC, but the price was right and it came with a 2-car attached and 4-car detached garage. 

Owning a home now versus renting means I have to try and balance out working on the trucks, web, and our house.

The house had an office in the basement that needed re-done, so the time it has taken me to repair a downspout problem, replace some damp drywall, put in a new laminate floor, and paint the office, caused me to get behind with my web-related responsibilities. I'm pretty close to being caught back up and organized again.

I also created the Ranger Militia site (www.rangermilitia.com) this summer, so that has taken up some of my time as well.


TRS-2 is back together and trail worthy again. We took it to Attica early this summer.