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By: Jim Oaks

In July 2010 I created a new social network site called the Ranger Militia (www.rangermilitia.com). My goal was to create a network of Ranger enthusiasts with the focus on actually getting people together. The Ranger Militia site allows members to build a profile similar to facebook. This new site will let you include photos, videos and music in your profiles. It also has a message wall so your friends can leave you a message. Take a look at my profile HERE for an example.

My goal was not to create a club or build something that would take away from The Ranger Station. The Ranger Station has always placed it's focus on providing Ranger enthusiasts with information for their trucks. Although I had organized gatherings in the past, I gradually just got away from doing it.

The Ranger Militia is an organized group of extreme Ford Ranger enthusiasts linked together through the power of the internet. It's not just a social network, it's a lifestyle.

It doesn't cost money to become a member of the Ranger Militia. It just requires people who are active, motivated, hardcore Ranger enthusiasts.

I want to place emphasis on the active part. The Ranger Militia is in its early stages, but I'm hopeful that we can organize some gatherings in the future and actually bring people together face to face. I personally am striving to get a gathering at a local event held near here next summer.

This is how I have described what the Ranger Militia is about on the Ranger Militia site:

The Ranger Militia is a social network of highly active hardcore, die-hard Ford Ranger enthusiasts fighting for the continuation of the Ford Ranger. We are the defenders, promoters and preservers of the Ranger community. It is a band of brothers and sisters with a common interest. It is a lifestyle. It is not a club.

I hope that if you're an active enthusiast that enjoys your truck, and wants to get together with other enthusiasts, that you'll create a profile at the Ranger Militia and help us get something going there.


Jim Oaks

(K.Strong's 2010 Ford Ranger)