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    Awesome find this morning

    Reckon he's got that guitar tuned up yet? :D
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    Shift linkage trouble

    The 3rd photo has an orange bracket holding the cable adjuster. It should have a locking(nylon) insert that slides into one of the many slots on the square anchor body. Put the transmission shift lever(your photo #2) in the "D" position( fully clockwise, then 3 clicks back) Put the in-cab shift...
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    As I was opening a package yesterday, looked at the label, yep!, made in China. I've got a feeling that it is a lot worse than we're being led(by China) to believe, and it may be some time before we begin to know the real dangers of it all Why does China have so many earth movers working so...
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    I learned in marching band to always breath in through your nose, it's got the best filtering system
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    Restoring '99 4X4

    Dang! That is some serious rust. I'll stick with acetylene myself, gets hotter on less gas and can be fine tuned better. I think places that use propane are more like into extreme heavy use, it takes a bigger torch and a lot more gas(although it's cheaper by volume, maybe also not as explosive)...
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    2002 Explorer 4.6L dies when warm

    Do you drive it at night? After some miles at highway speeds if you stop in the dark somewhere(maybe in your case at home) somewhere there's no lights look underneath at the catalytic converter(just to rule that one out) If it's glowing red you'll know ;)
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    4.0 transmission compatibility

    I've read something about drilling that hole in one thread, and something about using less bolts in another(little as two was a well informed member, but was all in speculations and such) I'm just not the expert to know all the details of all the engines, transmissions, etc, that some others...
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    4.0 transmission compatibility

    Hey man, welcome to TRS. I'm fairly certain it will but you better get a second opinion before tearing it apart ;) (someone will sooner or later come along) Good luck with it
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    Wipper motor problems

    Looks like the black one comes from the column interval governor
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    ‘94 4x4 Swap/Build thread

    Nice job man :)
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    Alternator clicking noise 2.3L SOHC

    Did you ever pull that thing apart and see what's going on inside it?
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    2.3L (Diesel) New Timing belt keep breaking
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    2.3L (Diesel) New Timing belt keep breaking

    How long did it run before it breaks? Did you watch it turn? See anything moving crooked?
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    What pull behind Camper?

    Ahh, maybe they've begun adding them to all, after all, the bumper still has the ball pin hole even though it's for lighter loads. For all I know they always have done this, not absolutely certain where I got the initial information anyway :)
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    repairing recovery/tow strap

    There's actually a better way than that one Always. I first weave the eye and then on into the shank. It's basically the same also with a wire rope excepting the shank there just gets clamps(weave it around the eye and bring it back together and then weave the tail, then clamp it) Cable clamp...