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    How much hp can the ford 7.5 handle?

    I've never seen anyone destroy a 7.5
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    Ford guy back in a Ranger

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    These Are the LEAST (and MOST Safe ) Midsize Trucks You Can Buy Today! - TFL Truck

    I guess the Aussies build a safe truck. LOL J/K
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    Ford Pass

    Damn. I guess I shouldn't have been looking up porn, and driving to strip clubs.
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    These Are the LEAST (and MOST Safe ) Midsize Trucks You Can Buy Today! - TFL Truck

    Just grow some balls and call it how it is. The Ridgeline isn't a midsize pickup. It's a Ute. Honda posted their Ridgeline desert truck on Instagram, and got so much shit from people in the comments that they deleted the post. Their was nothing Ridgeline about the truck they posted except the...
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    25th birthday

    LMAO! Damn autocorrect :derisive:
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    25th birthday

    LOL. It's a joke. We play pranks with the cake. I think it was last year she had them write everything in Spanish. I can't read Spanish.
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    25th birthday

    My daughter got me a cake today for my birthday that say's Happy 25th. I'm a little past that ;)
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    Cybertruck Reveal

    I'm a robot.
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    Kirbys 1991 Ranger Build Up and Solid Axle Swap

    Ya, I need to feature this!
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    Membership Map

    I use Google maps all of the time. I have my location on so my daughter knows where I am. I've turned it on and off for others to follow me. Ya. I know. There's an app for that.
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    Shiftster Giveaway

    Congratulations! I used a random number generator that chose #13, and your post #13, so you're the winner. Please send me a message with your full name and address.
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    Post your Anniversary Trail Ride photos and videos here

    Some photos sent to me by @ericbphoto
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    Back Again with another Ranger 4x4

    Welcome back.
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    TRS Race Truck

    @PetroleumJunkie412 This started out as your suggestion. Do you want to pick the event and lead a group? As far as a Gambler truck, I feel like a 4x4 might be better based on some of the videos I've watched. Especially in the Midwest. Seems to be more mud than the 'original' Gambler 500 in...