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    Alternative for the trans dapt oil relocation kit 1113.

    When I did our relocation, i went to a hydrolic supply place that makes custom hoses. took the fitting in and told them this is the threads i need 2 hoses made , they made the lines to spec. did the same for the power steering lines. post 107 has the pic. hope it helps...
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    Ivwill, did the body mounts and rear shocks today. I have to say a couple things. It was easier than what most will have to experience for 2 reasons. went to friends and, 1 he has a hoist in his yard and 2, he has this new tool that is the sweetest thing. called a "bolt buster"...
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    high idle before and after engine swap

    There is 1 thing that i have been wondering about. the transmission is shifting a bit rough between 1-2 and 3-4. from what i can guess, the 2 switching solenoids in the trans should be replaced. need to do the trans oil and filter anyway. just wondering if these solenoids could have affects on...
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    First Gen audio

    hi, scroll to post 24 for dash pic & 61 for rears (they were a box I had sitting around, covered them and placed in small speakers. sound is very clean)...
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    Specific engine issue 4.0 OHV 1994

    #9 " Done vacuum tests, vacuum (if idle stays up) is like 19 Mercury. It stays there, goes to 20 or so when revved. Drops down low when it idles low, but when it’s idling high, the vacuum seems alright. Like when I rev the engine, the vacuum is fine. " When you rev a engine the vacuum...
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    high idle before and after engine swap

    not the throttle cables, dawned on me, all i need to do to test them is to take them off and no pressure would drop the RPM.... didn't change a thing. didn't look into the ac stuff yet. cheers
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    Found an Offenhauser 4bbl manifold
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    Check engine light

    Fixed check engine light problem with black tape, then had to fix black tape problem with bulb removal. engine ran great after that. :)
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    Found an Offenhauser 4bbl manifold

    in the 4.0 L section I posted a link to a pdf about build V6 colonge engines. take a look through there for ideas. and you can look here for custom grinds on the stock bump stick. did this stuff to the 2.8 in mt pinto. was going to go the same route with a 4bbl offy also. had the ford...
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    high idle before and after engine swap

    was reading last night on an older thread, someone had same problem. the fix was a sticky throttle cable (cruise cable) and after a different 1 was placed in there it relieved the situation. will try this first before i get out the wire cutters. cheers
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    high idle before and after engine swap

    i have a couple wire diagrams in books... will check that out thanks dirtman. it does make sence though, cheers
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    high idle before and after engine swap

    ECT from new engine.... all engine stuff was not left in the swap. all from other good running engine (s)
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    high idle before and after engine swap

    The controls in cab still same. my guess unless the button is pushed in it should be turned off and doing nothing. (can check for shorts i guess) deleted all ac stuff. the lines, cooler, condenser, swapped the heater box with non ac 1. cheers
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    high idle before and after engine swap

    hi floored, iac came from donor engine worked perfect in exp, throttle blade, see above^^^^^^ came from intake from good engine parts truck air intake tube? as in after MAF? swapped with donor. PVC new, rubber is ok by inspection.... this is why i have my head scratching.... something not...
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    How to build a 4.0 OHV for power, some limits and tips...

    Incase any one is looking for the Upgrading V6 article. here is a media link to a pdf of mine. cheers