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  1. Se7enth Sol

    Weird voltages read from ignition switch

    Hi all, I'm working on an engine swap in my 1990 B2. I just replaced the main power relay with an aftermarket one (cut off the old one and spliced in the new one). However, when I turn the key to "run" the relay closes its contacts as it should, but when I set the key to "off" and take out the...
  2. 2.3L ('83-'97) 2.3 won't charge past 12.5V

    Hey all, so this is going to sound like the obvious answer is a bad voltage regulator, but it has been far more confusing of a problem and I finally decided to stop and ask for some help. I have a 1991 ranger that came with the 2.3 stock. I have swapped the engine for the 2.3 turbo from an 88...
  3. a2thy

    Fluctuating/inconsistent voltage

    Greetings fellow RBV enthusiasts, I come to you with a perplexing problem related to my truck's electrical system. A couple months ago my truck left me stranded with a dead alternator. I replaced it with a remanufactured one and all seemed well. Shortly thereafter the lights on my dash, along...

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