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v8 forum need help!!!

  1. How do I pass emissions in Illinois with a 302 swap in my 04 4.0 Ranger ?

    So I live in Illinois and I have wanted to drop a 302 into my Ranger. I have done all my research and pretty much got the swap itself figured out but I can not manage to figure out how I can pass emissions since I still want the truck street legal. I plan on using a Holley sniper efi so means...
  2. 98 ranger 2wd 2.5l- 302 with a t5

    Hello everyone! I have a love for small trucks. Especially the ranger and would love to go 302 efi not carbureted. I know barely anything except i want to keep it manual and rwd. Need setups. The best route to take to begin this process. Thank you all very much
  3. Este...Van

    Flash Computer for T5 manual transmission V8 ranger

    hello could anyone help me, i’m doing a explorer V8 in my 2000 Ranger but i want to keep it Manual so i got a T5 off a 97 5.0 mustang and i need someone to Flash my Computer and take out ALL automatic functions so i won’t get a Check engine Light on.. (((california emissions)))
  4. New to the world of V8 conversions!!! please help!

    Hi guys, thanks for viewing my post brand new(10mins ago) to TRS. Great site!! So i have an 83 Ranger with a 2.8 V6 in it... its not doing to well anymore i bought the truck from a teacher of mine for $250. It didnt run but i got it going and im ready to switch out the engine before it kills...

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