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  1. TK4 Rebuild questions

    Bought an 1984 B2 with the TK4 transmission a few months ago and I've been at a standstill with the transmission for a while now. Initially it shifted fine, clutch felt alright, though I only drove it a few minutes before it started spawning all sorts of electrical/mechanical issues that left it...
  2. RayInStl

    Ray's 83 Build Thread

    I recently picked up an 83 4x4 long bed that's in pretty good shape but has a bad motor. This thread will serve to document my progress as I slowly put her back together. I had another 83 a few years ago. I really loved that truck, but sadly severe frame rust did it in. Ever...
  3. TexasDuck66

    TK4 4WD Driveshaft to TK5

    Hey there, I finally got a TK5 4WD transmission for my truck. Before I start tearing everything apart, I wanted to know if I could still use the same driveshaft, including the one for the 4WD. The length of a TK4 4WD transmission is 24 inches, a TK5 is 25.932 inches from what it says here on...
  4. dwhile

    Bleeding problem TK4

    Hello all, been reading these forums to guide me through a throw out bearing replacement on my recently purchased Ranger. Here's whats going on : - Master cylinder was destroyed, replaced it with new unit - Slave cylinder appeared to be leaking and super old, replaced with new unit...
  5. 84bluebronco2

    Swaping Mazda TK4 for FM145

    Are the two transmissions the same size? I know the bellhousing is removable from my truck to transplant onto the FM145. Will the drive shafts be compatible? My truck is a stock 84 b2 with the TK4 4spd manual. Looking to swap in a FM145. Thanks, 84BB2

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