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temp gauge

  1. Temp Gauge Not Working

    Hi there! I bought a 1987 Ranger last month and am IN LOVE. She's perfect, except, the temperature gauge on the dash doesn't work. It's always pointing to the lowest possible "C" position. Before I get ripped off by one of the local shops (not a lot of options in this small town), can...
  2. fixizin

    3.0 runs significantly COOLER on full SYNTHETIC oil!

    Back in early February I gave my low-mileage (52k) Vulcan a "transfusion"... got a sweet deal on a K&R filter and... Pennzoil Platinum 5W-30, and immediately noticed the (factory) temp gauge was down at the 20-25% point, rather than the usual 45-50% range. At first I thought well, it's "winter"...
  3. lancer6x

    Engine Temperature LOW and Fluctuating

    Hi guys I've spent hours scanning through the entirety of the internet to find someone with a similar problem, but no one seems to have this issue with these specific symptoms. So for the duration I've owned my 99 3.0 ranger (4 months) my coolant gauge has always displayed that the engine was...
  4. High temp gauge!!!?? Trouble!? Help!!

    Hi everyone I recently [last week] did an oil/filter change as well as a coolant flush, and while i was doing the coolant flush i installed a new thermostat, we took out the old one because it was giving us a HIGH TEMP READING and so we assumed it was sticking and not opening anymore, so we took...

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