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  1. Chapap

    Front corner spring sag?

    I measured as best as I could with my hand and found that the front left sags about 1.5” lower than the right. I assume the coil spring is the issue, but I want to see what all I should check to make sure this isn’t an actual problem. I’m replacing a radius arm (shock mount sheared off) and...
  2. chevy leaf swap bushings?

    Do the chevy 64 inch leaf springs use the stock ranger leaf spring bushings? I just purchased a set of polyurethane bushings for my stock springs, but then I learned about this swap and want to do it, but don't want to get rid of my new bushings
  3. 89 BII F150 Coils / Explorer Leafs

    Hi, I've got an 89 BII 4x4, and I'm looking to do a cheap lift on it. I've got some F150 coils and from searching on here and reading the tech post if I understood it, I am only going to need F150 shocks, and adjustable camber bushings to do the lift. Is there a specific year/size I should be...
  4. Explorer Leaf spring questions

    I've got a 2000 2wd ranger and I wanna lift the rear up a bit without using blocks. I'm piecing together the fabtech 5.5 front so I'm going for around 4 in the back and I would like to use leaf springs from an explorer but I dunno if they'll fit right. I couldnt find a FOR SURE answer so my...
  5. subydrift

    04' Ranger front lift springs...

    Hey guys, So like everyone on here I'm looking to lift my 2wd Ranger. I eventually want to build it into a prerunner but that won't be for a long time so for now I just want something that will lift about 2" and give a stronger ride than stock but not be bouncy. I want to try and avoid the...

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