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spark plug

  1. stamina

    sp486 plugs vs sp500 plugs

    i have a 1999 ohv 4.0 but it will be going to a 1990 ranger with all 1990-94ish wiring, which of these plugs should i use and why and what are the differences? apparently sp500 is meant for the later ohv and sp486 is for the older ones the reach of them is both the same, .679 i believe.
  2. sebastian323

    Spark plug wires very stuck on spark plugs - 1996 4.0

    The spark plug wires are VERY stuck on to the plugs on my 1996 XLT. The truck came from Montana so there is moderate rust on a lot of the engine parts not typical of California cars. Is there some way to break/cut the wires off ? I have only managed to change one spark plug so far
  3. Dragonfrootz

    is there a reason my spark plug would explode in the engine?

    I replaced them like a year to the day today, and yesterday while I was traveling down the high way the 6th spark plug blew up in my truck and I had to stop and pull over and get it towed home. So my biggest question is what do I do next? I would like to know why so maybe I can resolve that, but...
  4. MikeShepard505

    3.0 Spark Plug Gap

    Hello, I’m back again with things that shouldn’t need answering. I thought it was high time to replace my spark plugs and wires on the ranger but unfortunately I have a feeling I’m in another f*ck autozone situation. I ordered pre gapped Bosch iridium spark plugs and was already bugged on the...
  5. budgreen1986

    Spark Plug problem...

    Okay 6 mo. ago my truck started a similar problem to this on i posted here ( http://www.therangerstation.com/forums/showthread.php?t=108762 ) i put i think i was Bosch plugs in it took it to the shop they said one burnt up and showed it to me it was the kind of plug that has the piece of round...

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