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  1. paulnola

    Strange beeping from under dash

    Recently I started having a beeping message (?) coming from under the dash. It is not the door chime, it is a different noise coming from a different location. It sounds like it is coming from under the dash on the drivers side. But when I get my head down there I can't pick out where it is...
  2. Progress / Advice Thread 91 ExCab XLT

    Just figured I would make a thread here for all the interior mods I plan on doing to both get some advice / find out where to get stuff at and to show people what I'm doing to my ranger. As of right now nothing much has been done to it. And I have no pics right now, can get those tomorrow. I...
  3. RangerFabWorks

    Show your v8 exhaust setup

    Nobody really seems to show how they did there v8 exhaust or how it sounds. Post up pics of what ya got
  4. loud humming sound 96 b4000 4x4

    while driving i get a loud humming sound it starts out faint then gets louder and faster until it stops. when it does my tach drops from around 1300 right down to about 500 or less sometimes stalling the engine. if i step on the gas it goes away. this seems to happen mostly when i am slowing...

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