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  1. A4LD_Nghtme

    SOLVED: 1990 Bii 2.9 FAILED CA SMOG!

    Hey there all! I just got back from a failed smog test. As you can see I got a pass on everything except my HC ppm at 15 mph and my NO ppm at both 15 and 25 mph. It has a fresh new o2 sensor and last i checked i had no codes. And they passed me on the OBD system check. I have not replaced the...
  2. Sportrally5

    Evap leak filler neck?

    Trying to pass CA smog and still have Evap leak on 1989 Ranger 2.9L. I built my own smoke tester and thought I connected and tested everything but must not have gotten all the way back the smog shop thought the gas tank filler neck was likely. Any tips on best place to connect to smoke test that...
  3. 1987 Ford Ranger Not Passing Smog. Help!

    Hey all, new here. Just got this 87 ford ranger 4x4 2.9 manual. It's not passing smog because the egr valve isn't getting a vacuum. Had a shop look at it and I've replaced: the egr valve, egr vacuum solenoid, egr pressure sensor, and on the recommended of the Latest shop, the ecu. About 200...
  4. Code 332, EGR Failure.

    I have a 1993 Ranger XL, 4.0 liter V6 with some interesting EGR issues. Check Engine light came on, code 332. I have replaced the solenoid, diaphragm, and sensor. Cleared codes, ran it, light still came on, code 332. Took everything off, cleaned the hoses, inside the pipe, ect. Cleared the...

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