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serpentine belt

  1. Just replaced belt tensioner and belt due to squeal. Now I can hear more noises. Help diagnose what else needs fixing?

    1999 Ranger XLT, no A/C pump. ~241K miles. I just finished replacing my belt tensioner and serpentine belt due to squeal. The squeal is eliminated, but now that it's gone I'm hearing other noises. Not sure if they were there before, and I just hadn't noticed them or if they're new. The squeal...
  2. A.c making a rattling sound

    I have a 1996 4.0 manual ranger, when the ac is off it sounds fine, but when I turn my a.c. On it sounds like the pulley is making a ringing/rattling sound but only when the compressor kicks in, it’s not a constant sound and only does it for a couple seconds at a time. Also my a.c. Will not get...
  3. 2006 XLT squeaks in idle

    Hey TRS, First post, Excited to join this community. Been perusing around and it looks very interesting/informative. On to my question: The engine seems to emit a high pitched, fairly frequent (~2-3 times/second) squeak when it is idling. I say "seems to" because when I rev the engine the...
  4. ranger530

    transmission /serpentine belt question

    I just got a tranny rebuild,i drove it a few miles but after i stopped the truck and put it in reverse i heard a pop and the serpentine belt tensioner flew off.... Do they have to do anything with the serpentine belt when they remove/rebuild the transmission? thanx

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