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  1. Interior seat swap

    Does anyone know if a 1997 ford obs bench seat will fit in a 1989 ranger single cab.
  2. purple_fluffer

    how to keep new seat from ripping apart like the last one

    got a 98 Ranger. replaced the drivers seat with a new one. the old one got tore up where your left butt cheek hits the seat every time you get in, smashing the fabric against that round metal joint that sticks up. this new one is getting started on the same thing. any tips on how to protect it...
  3. Walt

    For Sale 1991 Bucket seats w/ center console & extended cab rails $150

    Selling complete set of Ford Ranger bucket seats with center console and rails. The seats are clean and great condition. These came from an extended cab. Includes seat tracks and all original hardware for the seats and console.
  4. Video series for Explorer seat swap and center console!!

    Hey everyone, I finally got around to putting my 1999 leather heated explorer seats and full center console into my 2002 extended cab Ford Ranger with a manual. If anyone is looking to do it, I made a video series on youtube to help others out.
  5. jonsranger

    2004 seats in 90?

    I have been searching through this thread and the tech page, but I swore I saw a post where someone had done something similar to what I am doing. However I can't find it to save my life. Anyways, I've got a '90 std cab, and got some nice cloth seats from a 04 std cab, both are the 60/40 style...
  6. Compatible seats??

    Hey guys, so I’m new to this site but I just got a 1996 manual 4.0 v6 xlt standard cab 2wd with the long bed. I was searching on the site about what seats are compatible an found some info but not a whole lot on the mustang seat compatibility? My buddy has a 95’ cobra that he said I could have...
  7. New Here, looking for advice...

    So, I have a 2000 B2500 SX, and want to replace the vinyl seats with cloth seats. Any recommendations on seats. I saw a 11 ranger and I would love those seats, but wasn’t sure about how it would fit. Also, any recommendations on things to do to the engine to get a little extra boost in power...
  8. Seat Swap. 1989 to 2000 Ranger

    I've got two Rangers. My old one is an 1989 x cab and I've got a 2000 x cab. Will the 89 bucket seats bolt right into the 2000? The 2000 has the split seats and the guy who owned the truck was a slob. I love my 89 seats and want to put them into the 2000. After I finish scavenging any parts, I'm...
  9. Lower Seats for head room

    I am looking at a 2007 Ford Ranger FX4 Off-Road SuperCab 4dr 4WD. It has the original split bench seats. I really like it but my only issue is head room. I have reading through various forums trying to find out about replacement seats that will sit lower thus creating more headroom. I have no...
  10. masterbrenden

    not another seat quetion

    hey guys, on my 2010 ranger i am coming to that notable moment when the fabric on my drivers seat is wearing thin and gonna tear soon so i got a question because i have always hated the firmness of my seat foam. now here's the kicker. i work at T.M.I. products inc. we make can you guess...
  11. Johnny31d

    Fender Trim

    I've been lurking on this site since I got my Ranger but have never had the need to post anything. I recently bought my second Ranger (had one as my first car, traded for a jeep, came to my senses and bought another) it's a 96 regular cab XLT 2.3 I4 with 5-speed. I have been in search for the...
  12. Aftermarket seat brackets 2003 Edge Std Cab

    I'm trying to replace an uncomfortable driver seat in my 2003 Ranger Edge, Standard Cab. I'm willing to pay a couple hundred for a nice racing seat, but I'm having a hard time finding brackets for the 03 Standard Cab. Here's a link for Scat Procar seat brackets, and they only show as...
  13. adv5500

    Side facing jump seat question (reposition)

    i have a 99 ford ranger extended cab with 2 jump seats that face each other. I'd like to convert these to front facing. Has anyone done this or thought about doing it? How would I go about this?
  14. 06RangerXLT

    06 Ranger Ext. Cab Tall Seat Swap H3lp!

    Hey guys, im having some trouble with a few things and am hoping this site will be my solution. It doesnt apear that anybody has adressed my issue so i figured id just bring it up. i have recently purchased a 2006 ford ranger xlt extended cab with a 4.0 auto and 2wd. My question is about...
  15. r1hatman

    Seat choices for my 83

    I can get some like new 60/40 seats out of a 2000 Ranger extended cab but I just want to make sure they will fit. I have an 83 regular cab with buckets now. Anyone got any ideals what will and won't fit?:icon_confused: Thanks:icon_thumby:

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