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  1. KasenLeigh90

    2.3L ('83-'97) Engine Running Rough, getting weird KOEO codes, read recent messages for best info

    Had overfilled my engine as a result of a stupid mistake, Pulled the plugs and holy mother were they bad. Replaced the first 4 (8 plug) and got a slight improvement, doing the other 4 today if i can manage to get them loose with the intake still on otherwise waiting for the intake gasket. Along...
  2. Jim Oaks

    The results of Sea Foam & Lucus Products in a 2.9L

    agAWXnT4-EQ You have likely seen this video already. For those that have not, this guy puts sea foam in the crank case, gas tank, and intake of his Ford Rangers 2.9L. The engine went from knocking like a diesel, to running smooth. Sea Foam has been discussed in this forum for years. But if...
  3. dieselarruda

    hey i just used seafoam in my truck and now when i start it

    so i put 1/3 in the break booster line and 1/3 in the oil and the rest in tank. and now when i start my truck it starts and the rpms do down till it dies. so what should i do? im thinking of changing the oil and tell me what to do know :( i hope i did not break my truck
  4. 95rangerxlt3.0

    95 ranger wheel cylinders/drums

    Hello everyone, quick question: I replaced my rear wheel cylinders with 10 inch ones, I had measured my drums and it comes to a tad under 10 inches (widest part), I've read on here that I'm supposed to have 9 inch cylinders/ drums on my 2wd. I bought the truck used so idk much about what was...

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