sas coils

  1. B2 SAS 6 inch full size bronco coils?

    Hey everyone, doing a D44 and 9 inch swap (from a 75 f150) with 5.13 gearing, Wanted to see if anyone has any input on my build I'm doing and wanted to see if anyone had any pictures of a ranger/b2 with 6 inch full size bronco coils, I can get them for just under $300 in Canada from west coast...
  2. Turboford

    Half or one tons?

    I have a bit of a problem. I have a set of 78 (Bronco) d44/9"; 3.55's ltd slip axles. I also have a damn nice set of 38" TSLs to go with the axles. Then, I have a "set" of 78 (F250 snofighter) D60/10.25 (89 F350), 5.13's and 16.5-16.1 Firestone "tractor tires" (right around 40"). The real...