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ring and pinion

  1. P93suafilo

    Need some Ring and Pinion brand Advice!

    I have been collecting parts for a SAS the last year. My original plan was to SAS my EX this spring and wheel all summer but with some family stuff prior to COVID-19 my wife and I decided to hold off until we can purchase another vehicle, hopefully soon. But in the mean time I want to get...
  2. MadMax_636

    Brand new starter grinding on start. Engine starts every time but seems to slip/ not catch all the time.

    1984 Ford Ranger 2.8L V6 5-Speed So, Ive installed a brand new starter. The starter never name this sound until I had a really bad stalling issue where I had to crank my car over every time it would stall. I never held the key tried cranking when it was running. The last time I started when...
  3. groovygriffy

    slinger shim-inner bearing/pinion

    ok i just bought my ranger with a blown up dana 35 in the front(full of mud and no bearings left). I've bought the 4.56 r/p front/rear with master install kits. what i need to know are the dimensions for the slinger shim-inner bearing on my 1996 ranger ... i'm a machinist and plan to build one...
  4. groovygriffy

    ring and pinion HELP

    does any one know if a 2000 ranger with standard pinion will work for my 1996 with a high pinion... both splines, diameters, size, and dana35 ifs all match up...also both are reverse rotation... so is the only difference the position in carrier/case????? HELP

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