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  1. Father In Law Ranger Help.. Engine Starts, but dies.. P0118, P0175, P0394, P0453

    Hey Guys, So I got some questions on my Father In Law's Ranger. He has a 2000 4.0 EFI 2WD. Yesterday morning it worked fine, but yesterday evening it just dragged, then stopped on the road. It starts, but doesn't want to really move. We got it to the house and I took my OBDII scanner and...
  2. 1999 Ranger P0453

    My 99 Ranger has had the CEL on, tried new gas, tightened gas cap...the simple stuff. Went to AutoZone to find out it was a p0453. They told me the part is $84.99, it's an FTPS2 - they said it would take a few days to get to the store. I have limited knowledge of this sort of repair. I've...

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