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need help fast

  1. 5r55e won’t shift past 2nd

    02 4.0 4x4. At first I had no drive or reverse (went out on me going down the road), got home slowly, did a fluid and filter change, now I have drive and reverse back but won’t shift past 2nd gear. It’s like it drops out of 2nd to shift and just hits a an almost neutral, it goes but with no...
  2. Need help ac not working

    Okay so I am working a 1998 Ford Ranger 3.0 V6 Manual transmission. A few weeks ago my AC stopped working. When I first start the truck the AC clutch kicks on for about two seconds then never comes on again. The refrigerant isn't low. All of the fuses and relays are fine. The compressor is...
  3. my truck wont start! please help asap

    i left my house to run an errand, and my 04 ranger started with no problem. i backed out of my garage, put it in first gear gave a little gas and let off clutch. as soon as the transmission started to catch it stalled. it took about 5 minutes to get it to start again by holding the key in the...

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