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  1. Bull Bar Mounting

    I was wondering how a cheap bull bar off of like eBay mounts up to a 98 ranger? It says it comes with brackets but where does it mount too? Thanks
  2. DasBroncon

    Universal Shock Hoops?

    I am currently piecing together the tubing and joints for extended rad arms, and the next thing on my list is shock mount. I checked out the f-250 shock mount mod, but I want something that can mount higher and I do not want to cut my coil bucket. I was wondering if these "Universal Shock Hoops"...
  3. tensioner mounting bolt torque spec?

    I just finally narrowed down my crazy squealing on my 99' ranger xlt. Turns out my tensioner was shot, got a new one and now its not squealing at all. I don't have a chilton/haynes manual, does anyone know the proper torque spec for the 8mm mounting bolt? I don't want to have over tighten it or...

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