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  1. 95 Explorer 4wd Donor for 93 Ranger 2wd

    I am looking at getting a rusted out 95 Explorer 4WD as a donor for a 8.8 rear swap to lower my 93 Ranger. Want to hear from all you experienced guys about what else I could salvage from this thing to use on my truck. Thanks.
  2. transmission interchange

    I put a good 5r55e transmission from a 97 explorer 4.0 4x2 into my 97 ranger 4.0 4x2. It won't shift.Only has 1st and reverse. Seems like it must be something electronic because it worked fine in the explorer. Anyone know if the electronics are different and can anything be done about it?
  3. 1994 B400 tranny problem

    I am a new member, and have read the forum rules. I am traveling 3,000 miles to daytona, FL in two days, and i need to fix my tranny tonight! i put a complete "clutch kit" in the truck about two weeks ago.. over the past two days, it has suddenly started grinding almost every gear, and popping...
  4. back slideing glass interchange????

    I have a question. I have a 91 ranger extended cab with a broken glass an a guy has a 92 ranger extended cab will they interchange? if not what will?I dont want to go thru the hassle of driveing there to find out it wont work.Please help :dunno:
  5. The Bandit

    1993 Explorer Windsheild into 1993 Ranger

    Will this work? The one in the Ranger is cracked all to shit, I'm parting/crushing the Explorer and would use the windsheild if at all possible.