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  1. Ranger heavy duty towing

    Hey there, I've got a 2002 Ranger XLT 4.0 Automatic. I do a lot of heavy towing around my farm, and OCCASIONALLY on back roads. Can anybody give me any advice on finding a class IV hitch that fits on the ranger? Ideally I'd like it to have a rating of 6,000 lbs before weight distribution. I've...
  2. Towing A Ranger With A Ranger

    So my friend has a '95 Ranger 4.0L 4wd with a shot rear axle. He has it parked at his college, and changing a rear axle in a parking lot would probably not be the best idea. I wanted to see if my '97 Ranger 2.3 could pull it? I'm a bit nervous about doing it since it would require pulling it...
  3. 1989 Ranger Payload & Towing Capacity???

    Anybody know what the Payload Capacity is for my Ranger? I hauled 100 gallons of water with it yesterday and it seemed like it might have been a bit too much. The empty water tank that goes in the bed is only about 40 lbs, so with the water it should be at, or just under 900 lbs. (100 gallons...

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