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fog lights

  1. Fog Light Location on a 89 XLT?

    Fellow Rangers, Where could I put a pair of fog lights on this truck without drilling into the bumper? All ideas are welcome. Also, brand and source recommendations for the fog lights are welcome.
  2. Bgunner

    What components are needed to add factory fog lights?

    I have a 94 Ranger XLT 2wd and have been wanting to add the factory 4wd fog/driving lights to the front along with the valance panel. I know the wiring is already there and I know I need to get the switch, the dash face with the hole for the switch and the relay for the fuse block under the hood...
  3. mfernandes

    96 OEM Fog lights

    Hello everybody! In a couple of weeks im installing the oem fog lights to my 96! Yes! I found a set of oem brackets, thanks to edwards1687 Ive found several wiring diagrams for the Rangers, but none is 100% complete or is unclear. So, for any electrical guru out there... is my plan ok? The...
  4. 93-97 ranger fog lights

    hey guys, new to the ranger station and hoping you guys can help. i have recently bought the lower fog light valance for my 94 ranger. I have ran into a few problems in the process. 1) my truck didnt come factory with the fog lights so i have no rocker switch. 2) I can't find the brackets that...
  5. slpthunderbolt

    DRL delete help!

    Hey guys I recently installed smoked light covers and HIDs for the headlamps & fogs in my 2003 ranger thunderbolt and wanted to cancel the drl's so that just the fogs would work. I located the drl module under the front drivers side bumper and unplugged the connector. Now my drls are off but my...

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