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  1. Replaced ecm and now no start... HELP

    I replaced the computer module in my 2001 xlt v6 3.0 auro trans, with a module out of an exact match ranger. And now when i try to start it the anti theft light flashes real fast, and no start at all. Whats wrong why wont it start? How do i sync my key to the replacement brain module? Will...
  2. Flashing codes OBD-1

    Hey, heard you can flash OBD-1 codes using a paper clip? I've already got a code reader on the way but it won't be here til after the weekend and I had been hoping to be able to flash the codes before then, I don't really know- I've been spoiled with a code reader at the tech school I attend so...
  3. Flashing 4wd/RFW Lights

    Hello I have my brothers car for a few days and want to fix a problem he has had for over a year now. The 4wd and rfw lights on dash flash continually from the moment the key is turned to run. The only info i have found is that they might flash 6 times a minute or something for a particular...

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