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first car

  1. PacoTaco1000

    Meet my 88’ project Bronco

    Last October, I was looking for my first vehicle and found this 88’ B2 for sale in Spokane, Washington on Facebook marketplace. My father taught me how to drive stick in his 88’ B2 That he bought a couple years ago to teach me and my siblings and I was looking for one of my own since hisgot me...
  2. 1989 ford ranger noise

    I need some help figuring out what the noise is coming from my transmission is? i got the truck last year, before i got it ,it had sat in a field for 4 years and did not run . I got it to run and drive , i have replaced the clutch, slave cylinder, and master cylinder, and changed the trans...
  3. First Ranger/ is it worth it?

    Hi, I found a ranger on craigslist, and with the pictures it is looking decent. In this craigslist ad https://gainesville.craigslist.org/cto/5742481942.html the owner mentions a cracked transfer case. With it being a 4x4 auto would it be something that I can do in the garage with only a few...
  4. Ford Family

    Greetings from California, I am very excited to be the proud owner of a 99' Ford Ranger XLT. I got this truck for a good price and in good condition and plan on taking it from stock to the truck of my dreams. This is my first car, but this is not the first Ford in the family. I grew up around...

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