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engine mount

  1. Jerks when shift

    My truck has a manual trans an jerks hard when I shift if I don't let the clutch out REALLY slow, trans mounts? Motor mounts? Bad clutch?
  2. Best engine to replace the 83 Ford Ranger 4-Cyl lima Engine

    Im looking to replace the original 83 ford ranger engine (4-Cylinder lima Engine 2.3 liter manual) with a more powerful engine. was wondering whats my best choice out there that would make the swap as least complicated as possible?
  3. gjm4l

    How to: replace motor mounts and trans mount on 92' ranger 2.3L

    So I've known for awhile that I needed a trans mount and that at least the passenger side engine mount needed it too. Yesterday I finally got off my butt and got it done. I hate wearing gloves (they fill with sweat) and I wasn't really interested in washing my hands every step of the way so I...

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