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drum brakes

  1. Help with 10" drum brakes

    Hello! I have an 88' Ranger, 2.3L L4. I am swapping the rear axle for one out of an 85' Ranger to take advantage of the 4.10 LSD dif. vs. my 3.73 current open dif. (Both 7.5") While I have the axle out I am changing all the brakes, I have everything set to upgrade from 9" brakes to 10" brakes...
  2. A4LD_Nghtme

    SOLVED: 1990 Bronco II rear passenger parking brake stuck on.

    So I've had an abs light and parking brake light on my dash since I got the old gal but she braked fine with fronts until now and ran unimpeded. Well I decided before taking her in for a smog since I just replaced the cat after a fail that I was going to safen her up and try to get at least one...
  3. 95rangerxlt3.0

    95 ranger wheel cylinders/drums

    Hello everyone, quick question: I replaced my rear wheel cylinders with 10 inch ones, I had measured my drums and it comes to a tad under 10 inches (widest part), I've read on here that I'm supposed to have 9 inch cylinders/ drums on my 2wd. I bought the truck used so idk much about what was...

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