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dpfe sensor

  1. stamina


    i have 2.9l 4x4 1990 ranger AUTO, was throwing a CODE 41, so i replaced HEGO sensor, after couple of days light come back on but almost only comes on when the throttle is released very quickly, so i went to the next thing that could be bad, EGR valve, when i went to find the DPFE sensor and EGR...
  2. DPFE keeps going bad?

    I have a 94 4.0l ranger 5speed manual transmission. My truck keeps destroying DPFE sensors and no they are not the plastic one I’ve only been getting the metal DPFE sensor. I’ve read that they are a hit and a miss but I feel like something is making them go bad. Truck isn’t running bad. I feel...
  3. 94 ford ranger DPFE problems.

    Hey I’m new to this so don’t exactly know if I’m posting this correctly. Basically I’m having DPFE sensor problems. I have read and heard a lot about the autozone or aftermarket sensors are not the best and tend to go out. But mine are literally going out within a day or two. Last one I had...
  4. 87 ranger 2.3 dpfe replacement parts???

    1st off I hope this is in the right forum... OK...I know what the dpfe is and what it does. I'm not looking for technical advice or diagnosis, I've done all that. Specifically what I need is a replacement. That being said on to my problem. My stock dpfe sensor has 2 parts to it with 2...
  5. Super Green truck owner (dpfe hose type)

    Are the hoses connecting to the Dpfe sensor a special type of hose or can I just pick up of a couple feet at my auto parts store and install them? Super Thanks. (need to pass smog)

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