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dana 44

  1. Dana 44 swap 93 ranger *urgent*

    I have a eb d44 I am planning on swapping into my 2wd ranger, now couple of urgent questions seeing as I'll be starting the swap next weekend 1) I read somewhere if you use stock coil buckets with eb loft coils it increases the lift by around 2-3"s? Is this correct? 2) I have the "Y" style...
  2. SoCalltd

    ttb dana 44 in v8 explorer

    Alright here we go... My original plan was to buy a 91-94 explorer 4x4 to build into a mild wheeler and "pre runner". The plan will include f-150/Bronco Dana 44 TTB front and full width 8.8 from an f-150. I know the frame is wider and will need to lengthen the TTB 1" per beam in order to retain...
  3. josuegdl

    Greetings from Mexico!!! 88 SAS.

    Here´s my truck what do you think?
  4. josuegdl

    SAS 88 flatbed finally finish!!!!

    OK, It's a Long Story, I'm not a good writer so Please be patient. My truck is a 88 xlt single cab with a long bed, at least IT was some time ago. She has been in the family for more than 15 years, she started on my father 's farm and work there 12 years. When my father sold the farm I stay with...
  5. 1988 Ford Ranger

    I've had this truck since I was 15. Along the years it's seen some abuse and lots of trails. I've done so much to it and for the last 2 years it's been sitting while I've slowly worked on it. Did a small block 302 swap, SAS currently finishing. Hope everyone likes the post and pictures
  6. SeanWilson

    Help! dana 44 hi tops not clearing calipers!

    Hey guys, lets just say i’m am in the process of building a Hermaphrodite axle to go onto my hermaphrodite pickup. SORRY AHEAD OF TIME FOR THE SHORT ESSAY, i believe if your gunna throw out your 2cents its good to know the back ground and whole story and situation. little back ground, about...
  7. Dana 44 and 9 Inch rear in 89 Bronco 2

    I have an 89 Bronco 2 that i just bought a dana 44 axle out of an 87 or 88 f250 for $25 and I was wondering if this would work in the swap. I am am going to buy a ford 9 inch rear axle also. I was wondering how hard is this swap? Has anybody done it and what problems have you ran into? Im just...
  8. 44 to D4 rear-end swap worth it?

    So, I have an '89 Bronco II with a 44 rear end. I also happen to have a '90 bronco II I use for parts, which has a D4 limited-slip. I want to do a swap so I can have the L/S rear-end, but will it last? Do they wear out quickly? Or should I skip all of this and just have one installed on my...
  9. eclipseguy

    dana 44 and 9"

    There is a local offroad shop here that has a matching set of axles that came off a 79 bronco. There is the high pinont Dana 44 with radious arms and 4.10 gears and a 9" with 4.10s also. He is asking $500 for the set. Seemes like a good deal to me. What do you guys think?
  10. 88 Ranger Dana 28 - Dana 44 TTB Swap

    I have a 88 Ranger 4x4 Xcab with a 4.0 v6 swap done already, but its got the sissy lala Dana 28's. I also have a 90 full size bronco with some pretty TTB Dana 44's under it and i believe a 8 inch or 8.8 in the rear, i have been looking at them for some time now. I dont want to narrow my axles...
  11. dana axles under a b2

    ok so lately ive really wanted to build up my b2. and the other day i found 1974 F250 axles dana 60 rear and dana 44 front. will the 44 fit and line up with the transfer case? i know i will have to bring in the spring perches but i can do that. also for the front i will be adding leafs. i just...
  12. stuffing 5-86x into ball joint dana 44

    i put a 76 ford dana 44 high pinion 8 lug into my ranger. i received a low pinion drum brake hd dana 44 and would like to stuff the 5-86x axles shafts into my light duty 44. the only clearance issues i see is lower ball joint threads and fitting it in thru the knuckle. i was thinking grind the...
  13. FordRanger89

    SAS Dana 44 off 79 F150

    i just bought a dana 44 and i have been collecting the parts i will need to complete the swap. I am just wondering how much wider it will be. My truck is my daily driver so if the tires sticks out a ft wider on each side it will be problematic. Does anyone have pictures they could post to give...
  14. Kage

    The Lone Ranger – Kage’s ’94 X-Cab Leaf SAS and Bed Bob

    How it looked when I last saw it (it has since been reduced to just the bed): How it used to look: Quick Links: Note: I have gone back and rehosted (and reposted) all of the original information found in this thread over on my website www.midwestnomads.com due to Photobucket being dumb. So...