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  1. 4.0L Valve Cover Leaks!!!

    So today in a few hours I'm replacing the valve cover gaskets on my ol beautiful 2001 XLT 4.0 (or at least I'm starting the work today). Does anybody have any suggestions as to what else I should/could replace while I have the valve covers off? Anybody have any tips for this job? Help is...
  2. Valve Cover Ranger 2000

    I'm a missionary on the border with Haiti, my passenger side Valve cover has cracked. Found its discontinued in the States, any one can help us find one? thank you... George (Jorge)
  3. leseman1

    Clutch inspection cover

    In the next few weeks i will be swapping the 2.9 in my B2 for a 302. I have searched and read most swap threads on here. I've got a ZF-5 for a transmission to put behind this motor but i can not find the inspection plate/dust cover anywhere. I've checked online and through local junkyards but...
  4. leseman1

    B2 seat covers

    Does anybody make rear seat covers for Bronco II's, I found some for the front but want front and back seats to match.

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