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cold air intake

  1. sauceman

    Does a custom cold air intake improve the sound of the engine?

    Hello everyone. I was thinking about purchasing a cold air intake for my 92 ford ranger 4.0L. I've always been skeptical as to how much a Cold air intake improves performance, but for a bit of extra sound quality, it would be worth it. Do any of you guys notice a sound difference with one...
  2. DankTank

    Aftermarket Cold Air Intakes?

    A while ago, my stock air box fell apart on me, and I've been using that K&N filter that fits right on to the throttle body as a temp until I can find a better solution. Unfortunately, any stock units are either smashed to pieces, or just plain missing on the trucks at my local junkyard. And I...
  3. rebelkid

    Soo....cold air intake didnt work out

    So, a few years ago when i first got my truck and started upgrading it, one of the first things i upgraded was the intake to a aftermarket "cold air intake"... Now that ive been working on it for a few years and know a heck of a lot more, I've been fixing a few things i screwed up....the CAI...

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