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clicking noises

  1. 1988 Bronco 2 Front End Clicking

    Hi there guys. I tried searching for an existing forum with this issue, but had no luck. So, here it goes... My Bronco 2 is clicking loudly in the front end mostly when I'm accelerating, not in 4wd, hubs unlocked.. It starts when in 1st gear and I can hear it through the first 3 gears. It only...
  2. BishNasty

    Bronco II problem?

    Hey guys, I have stock a 87 bronco 2 5spd. The truck is making a weird clicking noise coming from the rear end but only upon acceleration and its pretty noticeable with the windows down. I think it might be the driveshaft? What do you guys think? Anything helps. o
  3. 98 4wd electronic transfer case problems clicking noises

    hey i have a 98 ford ranger 4wd, 4.0 V6, off road package, automatic. I just put a 3 inch PA body lift on. The 4wd was working fine before the lift. Now that i have finished its not working. I replaced the hubs with avm manual. Everytime i try to turn to 4wd i hear a single click followed...