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  1. MikeShepard505

    Brighter bulbs on my 3.0

    Hello again, is it unwise to place brighter bulbs in my head lights? I purchased 2 sets of bulbs, one that’s 50% brighter and the other pair 150% brighter. If I put either in should I be changing some fuses to higher amp fuses? I’m really only familiar with putting some new speakers in...
  2. paulnola

    2004 Edge Instrument panel lights - 73 or 74?

    I went to change my instrument panel lights since most of them were out. Everything I read said that they should be 194s, so I bought a pack of 10. When I pulled the panel out, it has 11 sockets and they are all the same size and all tiny. I took one out and it is less that half the size of a...