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build thread

  1. RayInStl

    Ray's 83 Build Thread

    I recently picked up an 83 4x4 long bed that's in pretty good shape but has a bad motor. This thread will serve to document my progress as I slowly put her back together. I had another 83 a few years ago. I really loved that truck, but sadly severe frame rust did it in. Ever...
  2. CamTheHedgehog

    2003 Ranger Edge 4x4 build/fix up

    Hello all! Long time lurker, first time member. I’m CamTheHedgehog, or Cam for short. I own a 2003 Ford Ranger. Edge Plus package, Supercab, 4x4, 4.0L SOHC, Limited Slip, and step side bed. Give or take ~250k miles. She’s my daily driver and weekend warrior. Mods/projects so far: 265/75/16...
  3. "Budget Dream Truck": manual 3.0L 95 Ford Ranger 4x4 (Sorry for newbie questions)

    "Budget Dream Truck": manual 3.0L 95 Ford Ranger 4x4 (Sorry for newbie questions) I recently picked up a dented up (body only) 95 ford ranger for cheap. My end (is there really ever an "end" though?) goal for now is to drop a 351W into it along with a M5OD-R2 transmission and an exploder 8.8...
  4. rangerscout

    3.0l supercharger buildup long travel kit

    Ok so this is what i AM going to do and i dont care about your negative criticism i just want positive ok. So what i am doing is getting the tom morana racing stroker kit to make it a 3.3l and i am going to be getting the m90 or m112 supercharger and maybe a water meth kit but thatd be later...
  5. William Spitzer

    86 Budget Conscience Build

    So since i finally think I have a RBV that im going to keep for a long time, here is my build thread. Just somewhere to track my progress (and how much I spend :D ) and see how far I've come. here it is when I got it, took a 3 hour drive to go and pick it up. Previous owner put in a 4,0...

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