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  1. RiggerWings

    '02 FX4 torsion keys and lift blocks

    I tried to search for what I'm looking for and couldn't find anything, but if there's already something similar out there then I apologize. Here's my problem/question... I have a 2002 Ranger FX4 that I just purchased some new wheels and tires for. (33x12.50 BFG ATs) I ran these on my old '02...
  2. Lifting 2wd

    Hey. I want to lift my 2004 Ranger 2wd. I'd like to lift 3in. I'm thinking coil spacers in the front and blocks in the back. If I put 3in blocks in the rear what's the best size coil spacer to put in the front to get the truck level at a 3in lift overall? Thanks.

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