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  1. Belt Tension?

    Hello everyone, I have a 1993 Ford Ranger 3.0 and my belt is really loose. Can I adjust the tension or will I have to replace my tensioner and its pulley?
  2. A.c making a rattling sound

    I have a 1996 4.0 manual ranger, when the ac is off it sounds fine, but when I turn my a.c. On it sounds like the pulley is making a ringing/rattling sound but only when the compressor kicks in, it’s not a constant sound and only does it for a couple seconds at a time. Also my a.c. Will not get...
  3. Can't Get The Timing Right

    I've got four days to get this truck running or I lose it. Hopefully this counts as urgent. 1983 Ranger 2.3 Liter non turbo 4WD 4-speed manual trans Ran before HG change. Currently cranks, spat fire out of intake once. Has fuel, compression, and spark. I changed the headgasket and pulled the...
  4. all bad after timing belt broke Help!

    ok guys, i am by no means an amateur mechanic, but i am clearly missing something here. i have a 97 ranger 2.3 in my garage that belongs to my sister, it broke the timing belt while she was driving. she had it to several garages but no one could get it to run again, so figuring they just...
  5. 1996 2.3 Timing trouble

    I am changing the timing belt on my 2.3 and am having trouble lining the timing marks up. They were lined up when I took the belt off, but I accidentally moved the truck while it was in gear just a hair (I know it should have been in neutral, I've already face palmed because of this). I can...
  6. Bearing/Belt squeal

    I have had a slight squeal for a couple of weeks and I thought I would get it fixed early so I replaced the Tensioner, Idler and the Belt. The squeal got remarkably worse so I read the various forums and saw that the alternator is usually the culprit.So off the the store I go and get a new...
  7. JayGeePee

    Tune up + some!

    Well next weekend I'm changing out a bad Cam Synchro, CPS, doing a oil change, plugs and wires, new tires w/alignment, new alternator, and belt. I was wondering if there were any more recommendations of anything else I should do while I'm Forking out the Doe. Heres a question; When I fire up my...

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