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  1. Nax6401

    What axle is this?

    Axle tag reads A389D 4SL10 75 8c18 I this it's the F7 with 4.10 gear and the axle is a 7.5
  2. Swap to lsd using existing housing?

    I couldnt dig up what I'm looking for, just complete axle swaps. My axle code is 84, so obviously it's a 7.5 3.45. I'm having the truck (1994 Mazda B300) re geared to 4.10 to bring back my original mileage, power and speedo after putting 31" tires on her. Since it's an open diff, instead of...
  3. Easiest possible axle swap?

    Hey all, I'm interested in an axle swap, like many, for better gears and a limited-slip. I have a 96 2wd ranger with the 2.3. My stock 7.5 axle has the 3.73 gears. I've been looking into the common Explorer swaps. However, I am not a welder at all. I don't even know a good welder. Nor am I much...
  4. rear end whining!

    So the other day i changed my rear dif fluid in my 1995 with the 7.5, i used 80w90 gear oil and now its making a whining noise. I didnt not have that noise before i changed it and i rechecked if i had enough fluid and oil came out the fill plug like it should. i dont understand why this is...
  5. What's needed for a TrueTrac install?

    Hi all, I'm installing a detroit TrueTrac in my 7.5" rear with 3.73 gears... What all would I need to buy to do this? I know I need carrier bearings and races- Do I need anything else like shims? Also, what is the best source for these parts? Thanks in advance!!
  6. Dprocks100

    8.8 limited slip 3.73

    8.8 limited slip 3.73 price So I found a deal on a 8.8 limited slip 3.73 axle off of a 4wd 1994 ranger (the door code is R6) that the engine went out and he is now parting out. I have a 1991 2wd 2.3L ranger with an open 3.08 7.5 (door code 82). I know it will bolt right up to my truck and that...
  7. eclipseguy

    8.8 and drive shaft issue

    I have a 1986 ford ranger super cab with the 2.9 manual. It has a 4" spring lift and a 2" body lift. I am running 33's. A couple weeks ago I broke my 2 piece driveshaft just behind the carrier barring. So I wanted to swap to the one piece drive shaft. I got a one piece shaft the yard said...
  8. JayGeePee

    84 Ford Ranger

    I have a question about a truck i'm buying this weekend. Its a 1984 Ranger thats already been set up for a 5.0 motor. The guy that owns it had a motor in it for 4 months with a C4 auto, and a fuel cell in the bed. I asked him what rear-end he has in the truck, he said a 7.5 with stock gears. My...

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