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  1. maddyn

    89/91 Ranger TDI Build

    So Figured it was probably time to start a build thread for my truck. I am a long time lurker on the Ranger Station, mainly for the wealth of knowledge that it is. I used to own a '92 Extra Cab 4.0 on 35's with a Duff Lift that I wheeled quite a bit, but finally sold back in 2020 because I...
  2. 33's too small?

    Im driving a 2006 ranger XLT 2wd and im considering a 6 inch lift (3 inch spindles and 3 inch lift coils)(http://app.infopia.com/Shop/Control/Product/fp/vpid/7053527/vpcsid/10115844/SFV/32526) with 33's but recently i have started to think that 33's under the 6 inch would look too small should i...

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