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3.0 engine

  1. Lifting a 2003 Ford ranger 3.0 Xlt 2wd?

    I have a 2003 ford ranger 3.0 V6 XLT 2wd Automatic transmission and I am wanting to lift It with a 3” or maybe a 4” lift. I also want to put some bigger, more aggressive tires on it with the lift. Could I do this without having any problems or without running into clearance issues and such? And...
  2. 94 3.0 exhaust manifold pattern

    Hey everyone! I was wondering if anyone knew if the 4.0 headers would fit a 3.0 I'm looking for some good exhaust manifolds for a 3.0 and it looks like 4.0 headers would fit as well as being cheaper and more abundant, thank you for your time 1994 ford ranger xlt 3.0 v6 5spd
  3. 1999 Vulcan swap w 2002 Vulcan?

    I have a blown 3.0 Vulcan FFV in my 1999 Ford Ranger and I found a 2002 Ford Ranger with the 3.0 in it and I was wondering if the 2002 motor would match up with all the connectors from the 99
  4. Is there actually difference between the early 99 Ranger motors and late 99 motors?

    So I have been calling some junk yards looking for a new 3.0, and they ask me when it was made, it was made in 02/99, so my question would be what is different between say a 02/99 and a 09/99 Engines? And is there any reason that I could not get one out of any other 98-01/ non flex fuel ranger...
  5. Ranger Transmision Trouble Shifting

    i have a 1994 ranger 3.0 2wd with an automatic transmision. the truck was bought used and is claimed to have a new engine. The engine runs great but the transmision hasnt been taken care of and hasnt had new oil. Normally i would want to change the oil but im afraid if i do the transmision will...
  6. cb12991

    3.0 Engine Swap Info

    Hello fellow ranger enthusiasts! I am currently in the middle of an engine swap in my 98 XLT 3.0. I had bad scoring on the cylinder block walls so decided to buy another 3.0 and replace it. The engine that I bought was from a 01 Taurus 3.0. I know I have to replace the head gaskets, manifolds...
  7. Is there a difference in a 4x4 3.0 and a 2x4 3.0

    My daughters engine bit the big one a couple of days ago and I have been looking into either rebuilding or replacing the 3.0. I think I have come to the conclusion based on the thinness of my wallet that a recycled 3.0 is the way to go. The truck is a 4x4. I looked at my local auto recyclers and...
  8. koths211

    99 ranger transmission issue

    so I have a 99 ranger xlt 2wd ext cab auto trans 3.0 engine putting a different trans in the truck. TC went in transmission first and clicked in 2 times. put trans up to engine...everything lined up... put 1 bolt on either side of trans. ( where the alignment pins are on the block) i turn...

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