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2wd to 4wd

  1. 4wd conversion endeavor

    I have done a lot of looking, here mostly, on how the 4wd system works in a ranger like mine. I have a 2wd ranger which I'd like to be 4wd. I have done a lot to it so I don't want to part with my ranger and get another one just to get 4wd. I am willing to do all the work to convert it to 4wd, I...
  2. 1998 Ford Ranger XLT Motor Swap

    I have the 3.0 V6 ranger rwd and i'm wondering if it'd be easier to do the motorswap with or without pulling the tranny too, and also all i have is a small socket set so how could i take the motor mounts off? i tried but should i use a pipe on the handle for more leverage? And also off topic...
  3. 2.3L 4cyl Transmission 4x4 5speed

    I have a 97 2.3L 5 speed 2wd and I am putting a sa and converting it to 4x4 I know it's easier to buy a new truck but I have time and money. My question is. Is it possible to use a 5 speed 4x4 transmision from an older ranger that is from a 4cyl?

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