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1990 2.9

  1. Se7enth Sol

    Fitting 4.0L SOHC to stock 1990 Bronco II transmission

    At to moment I am pulling the old rusted 2.9L v6 out of my 1990 Bronco II 4x4. I have purchased a 4.0L SOHC replacement engine from a 1997 Ford ranger. I thought I did a lot of research before purchasing but now I am not sure if the bolt pattern will line up to the OEM 1990 B2 transmission...

    New Here!! help apprecited

    So I've got a 1990, 2.9L, 5-speed, and I am thinking about swapping a 289 into her. was mostly looking for any and all info I can get about doing so. Thank you in advance!