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  1. RayInStl

    Ray's 83 Build Thread

    I recently picked up an 83 4x4 long bed that's in pretty good shape but has a bad motor. This thread will serve to document my progress as I slowly put her back together. I had another 83 a few years ago. I really loved that truck, but sadly severe frame rust did it in. Ever...
  2. For Sale 1983 2.8L 4 speed 4WD Ranger

    All the computer stuff is gone. Holly 2bbl, Mallory Unilite, 3.73 limited slip diff from a Mustang, two sets of wheels: original steel and Bronco II alloy. Doors, glass, and hood are good. The bed is damaged and rusted in the wheel wells. The roof shows rust - especially the driver side...
  3. 2.2 perkins tk4d transmission output shaft slip yoke.

    I have been pulling my hair out trying to find a slip yoke for my 1983 with a 2.2 perkins, that has the very hard to find parts transmission tk4d. These were only really built for these trucks in 1983 to 1984 so parts are very hard to find. Any way i found one that fits if you cut off 0.5in so...
  4. Missing/removed secondary intake (?) under batter

    I brought home a used 1988 Ranger custom with 70XXX miles. It's missing some piping under the battery. The fella I bought it from said it was part of an emissions system. Should I replace it? What is it? Could it be causing my wandering idle? See attachments.
  5. 83 2.3 4-speed clutch problems

    According to my haynes manual 83 and 84 rangers are different when it comes to clutches. So this is for people who own/have owned or just know for certain... I think my clutch has gone out but i dont know for sure so i was hoping someone could help... Problem: ignition is off and I can put it...
  6. AOD valve body

    Hello, I have a 1983 Ford Ranger with a 351windsor and an AOD transmission (both from 1983). My tranny won't shift out of first. I've narrowed it down to either a stuck valve or a stuck governor. My question are the valves on the valve body supposed to be pushed in and out easily or are they...
  7. Granada rear end, parking cable help

    Hello, I have a 17983 Ford Ranger and I swapped out my rear end for a Granada 9-inch (1978). I was wondering if anyone has some tips for the parking cables. It has disc brakes, I will post a picture. I'm not sure if stock ranger cables will work, or there is any cable I can buy that works. My...
  8. truck dies when using the brakes?

    I have an 83 ranger with 2.3 carb. 4-speed I've replaced a few things: Fuel filter, fuel pump, radiator, and other misc things like brakes and tune up. It had been sitting for a while so i pulled the tank and emptied it and put new fuel in. i've also been running cleaner through it. The...
  9. 1983 Diesel Ranger Transmission Bolt Pattern

    I have a 1983 Ford Ranger with the 2.2L Perkins and I was wondering if someone could tell me what the bolt pattern is on the transmission. I'm wanting to put a 5 speed In it. Does anyone know where I could find one?
  10. 1983 Ranger XLT 4x4

    Deciding whether or not to buy ($500) It seems like going the v8 route will require about $15-20k worth of investment. This '83 Ranger is in fantastic shape, aside from not starting. What would be my options for preserving the current drive train but achieving a tolerable amount of power...
  11. Alternator Bracket, Power Steering Bracket

    Hello, I'm putting a 351windsor in a 1983 Ford Ranger. I have everything ready to go except my alternator and power steering brackets. Yes, I know the part numbers and that you need to find a car between 1978-1986 with the correct v8 pulley. I went to a junkyard and found a power steering...
  12. High rpm flutter/miss

    I have a 83 ranger I recently did the duras park swap on. Put in Holley 2 barrel have had no problems since I sorted out electrical. Now the truck is running fine but when the engine gets warm and I get the rpm's up it develops like a flutter or miss exhaust is a little to loud to tell but def...
  13. Best engine to replace the 83 Ford Ranger 4-Cyl lima Engine

    Im looking to replace the original 83 ford ranger engine (4-Cylinder lima Engine 2.3 liter manual) with a more powerful engine. was wondering whats my best choice out there that would make the swap as least complicated as possible?
  14. 83 Ranger bench seat swap?

    I have the original bench seat in my 83 ranger and their getting really bad! I was wondering what my options for seats for my ranger. i was really looking for a bucket seat setup. is this possible for an 83 ranger.
  15. Help!!! Carb leak

    Hi, Have a 1983 ranger rwd with a 2.8 v6. Just rebuilt the carb and it's leaking fuel from behind the pump relief valve assy. The fuel seems to be coming from a tube that runs behind the pump relief valve assy. and the tube runs into the accelerator pump. Any ideas how to fix this, this is my...
  16. Need help lowering my '83

    I'm looking to lower my 1983 ford ranger, the only problem is the front. I'm only flipping the springs in the back, What can i do to the front to match the rear?

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