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    Dropped I-beams?

    You'll have much better luck finding a used set of 89-97 beams. Though they're still hard to come by. Switching to the later style beams is an upgrade, as you can swap to 95-97 knuckles and gain dual piston calipers that bolt on instead of use those stupid slide pins. They also have the...
  2. ZMan

    Rolling off of Black Bear Pass

    I think I read about this one, the driver was out of the Jeep helping someone and it rolled away I think?
  3. ZMan

    Tuesday Evening

    Joe Rogan is going to do a live stream, might tune into that while doing side work.
  4. ZMan

    Unknown Radio Code

    My daily is an 01 Accord. I'm lucky a previous owner wrote the code right on the cover of the owners manual lol.
  5. ZMan

    Ford’s New Yellow P-OAT Coolant: Should You Upgrade?

    I work at a Ford collision shop now, and was introduced to the new stuff today when I went to grab coolant for a Focus ST I'm repairing. Apparently ANY vehicle that comes into service that is still under warranty HAS to have the coolant changed out to the new yellow stuff per Ford.
  6. ZMan

    Unknown Radio Code

    They're not like Hondas, thank God.
  7. ZMan

    CA: Looking for someone to talk to about BAR approved Engine change/swap process

    So you're still going to do the swap? Did they interpret the rules wrong or something?
  8. ZMan

    5 Star Tuning

    "Canned tunes" are the tunes that come on the device if you were to just buy it from amazon or something like that. 5-star tunes are actually custom tunes they've written for that platform, technically not to your specific vehicle. Realistically you should datalog after loading the tune, send...
  9. ZMan


    I mean, the smallblock Chevy is the most popular swap of all time, and those wheels are pretty standard issue drag racing wheels, seems chances are pretty good to me. As for the rest of the story, CrAzY!!
  10. ZMan

    List of quality parts.

    Johnson Controls makes most OEM batteries, along with many of the parts store batteries. They also make SOME Everstart (Walmart) batteries. Not every Walmart carries the ones made by Johnson controls though, some are Exxide, which are not as good as the Johnson Controls made batteries...
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    I bought a 16" Husqvarna back in 2012. I got 4 years out of it before it became hard to start. Over a year and a half I took it to a couple guys who would get it running good, but the next time I'd go to use it it went right back to how it was. Said screw it and bought a Milwaukee 18v in...
  12. ZMan

    Whats your most money "invested" in a vehicle after purchase?

    I've owned my Ranger for almost 18 years, painted it once in high school, did a moderate restoration on it 10-13 years ago. A lot of modifications over the years. Haven't added it all up but I have kept all the receipts lol, if I had to guess I've put $5-6k into it on top of the purchase...
  13. ZMan

    91 Ranger bodied 5.3 ls swap

    Looks like a cool build, and you're certainly moving along pretty quickly on it!
  14. ZMan

    hows everyones "quarantine" going?

    Yeah as soon as I saw "Colombus" I was skeptical, did you see all the other "articles" at the bottom of the page? lmao.