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  1. --weezl--

    brake warning light schematic

    I'm giving my friend a hand working on his 1993 ranger, his e-brake hasn't been turning the brake warning light on the dashboard on, as long as he's had it, and he finally decided to fix it. The bulb is fine, it lights up when you start the truck, the switch seems fine, as we bypassed the...
  2. --weezl--

    SOHC plugs

    What are we all running in our SOHC's these days? my truck has taken an extra crank or two to start recently, and it's occurred to me that it's got the factory plugs and wires in it, so I figure it's probably time to swap them out. I was looking at rock auto, and from what I can remember...
  3. --weezl--

    h9 axle description question

    ok cool, I won't be using the clutches, I just need the carrier out of my buddy's truck, but I think he wants like 100$ for it, and i'm not paying him that for a used carrier that has been sitting in his totaled truck, behind his truck for like 3-4 years if I end up going to a Junk yard, can I...
  4. --weezl--

    h9 axle description question

    awesome, thanks, and just to be clear, the cross pin size won't make any difference swapping into a different truck, will it?
  5. --weezl--

    h9 axle description question

    I am still curious about the price, but had another question, is it a 3/4 or 7/8 cross pin in that f-150? I am going to guess it's 7/8, but don't want to guess wrong
  6. --weezl--

    which speakers to replace?

    i will eventually replace them all, they all sound good, but my buddy decided to be an awesome friend and buy me some MTX thunder dome axials for the truck for christmas. they only had 2 in stock, so that's all he was able to get me, i'm pretty excited, from what I can find, they will fit front...
  7. --weezl--

    Valence mod help needed

    Here's the situation, I did this on the way home from work today, it's not that bad, but it is ugly, and I'm having my truck repainted in 1 month, due to it getting keyed. The front bumper will also be getting painted at the same time, due to a warranty claim with the body shop from a previous...
  8. --weezl--

    Window bolt size needed

    I am at the store right now, long story why I'm here without already knowing this answer, but I need to know the size of bolt needed for a replacement window in our rangers. I'm going to be using a bolt instead of rivets. I found online somewhere but can't find it now... Anyone happen to know?
  9. --weezl--

    Window fitment

    So someone decided to fix my window for me last night, they noticed that the glass had gotten lodged in the opening at the top of the door, and was keeping rain out, so they decided to fix that by putting a fist or something through it. Really nice of them to be considerate... Anyways, I need...
  10. --weezl--

    F-150 misfire

    Hey, my dad's got a 96 f-150, with a constant but varing intensity misfire that he's been harping on me to figure out. it starting occasionally, and over the past month, has become constant, sometimes it is very minor, and can barely be noticed, other times the whole truck shakes violently...
  11. --weezl--

    Hard drive problems?

    I know some of you know a lot about computers and what not... here's thesitiation, a friend of mine used to buy electronics at auctions, and sell it for a profit, fixing what is needed to be fixed as required, he fell out of it with a bunch of stuff left over, including this laptop. he no longer...
  12. --weezl--

    Anybody ever use a Sterling 10.25?

    i know they do, but the 8.8 wasn't a part of the conversation, so it's not a good comparison
  13. --weezl--

    Anybody ever use a Sterling 10.25?

    so by your logic if you take someone who is brain dead, but does what other people tell him to do, and buys a 351w, and a 4 speed, because he has the money, that automatically makes him intelligent? SMH so you spend how many thousand dollars on brand new tires, just to wear the crap out of...
  14. --weezl--

    Anybody ever use a Sterling 10.25?

    1, f-150 with a 351w is a MUCH heavier vehicle, probably more than double the weight, so that's twice the torque required to get the vehicle moving in the same time, and twice the strength required (vs a ranger) 2. he was doing doughnuts on brand new 35" buckshots, well that just shows that...
  15. --weezl--

    h9 axle description question

    hmm, well then... anyone know what a diff such as the 31 spline out of my buddy's f-150 is worth? i want to know how much to offer him

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