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  1. coolant overpressurization, replaced parts, glove test

    Hello I'm in a bit of a pickle. The heads on my '90 2.9 were magnaflux tested and had the gaskets replaced this past spring. Shortly after, I replaced the radiator with the 4.0 automatic a/c giant out from the explorer, and a new 13lb motorad cap. Never gets hot, in fact it would typically run...
  2. cross country adventure, cut short by the FM gearbox

    This one, (which i assumed from a distance and from the value of the boat that had been on it would have been minimalist and cheap), actually had an extendo-deck with the tilt-alator feature Oh we had a pretty good time that first day, and I've got most of a plan for recovery, it just got...
  3. cross country adventure, cut short by the FM gearbox

    1960something 15' motorboat, sawsall'd it in half to dump(had to be under 8'). New tires, repacked the wheel bearings, engine crate fit about perfectly. Real light weight but seems well built
  4. cross country adventure, cut short by the FM gearbox

    Here's a beginning, middle, and end shot
  5. cross country adventure, cut short by the FM gearbox

    *This isn't too much of an 'asking for help' thread, as I plan to simply replace the fm146 with an m5od, but I figured I'd share the story* several months ago I bought a sight-unseen 88(listed as 87) 4x4 5 speed 2.9l it was lacking the dash/interior, no exhaust after the manifolds, hood was...
  6. Runs bad when cold

    I'll elaborate a bit further since rereading, I don't like the way I phrased my first message. I'm sure someone can add more/better detail, but in the meantime to get you on the path... The coolant temp sensor signals the computer and idle air control valve to adjust for when the engine is...
  7. Runs bad when cold

    check your coolant level coolant temp tells it how to idle when cold
  8. '86 vs '88 oil gauge

    The dash is from the 86 xlt, which seemed to plug in quite naturally. I don't recall anything unused or out of place when I did the swap. Perhaps I have a switch trying to signal a gauge... I won't be back to the truck for a couple weeks now, but it's a good research direction
  9. '86 vs '88 oil gauge

    Hmm I was going off the info from the post here https://www.ranger-forums.com/general-technical-electrical-18/oil-pressure-voltmeter-gauge-idiot-light-conversion-150694/ I'm not concerned about numbers that much, but perhaps I should just spend the $ on a new gauge
  10. '86 vs '88 oil gauge

    Hello folks I've been reading about the ""options"" or sensors or senders with an idiot light for a gauge. I just swapped a whole cluster from an 86 2.9 xlt into a late 87(88 model year) 2.9 XL. The rest of the instrumentation seems to work normally, but when running the oil gauge is resting...
  11. Wanted WTB - 1986 2.9 Airbox lid & D35

    If you don't get the one closer, I've got this one here. Currently in 76112
  12. Intake worries

    if po invested in permatex, you should invest in 3M roloc bristle disks. i love the things for surfaces like that
  13. 85 ranger speakers

    am I remembering correctly that the front dash speakers use the annoyingly uncommon 3 screw ford pattern?
  14. What’s that smelly smell my truck makes?

    brakes? tires? belts?
  15. Floaty steering at high speed

    Can't speak for op, but I'd say mine with it's very mild lift is going to be dangerous when the snow and ice come. Mine feels almost like I'm steering with rubber bands. Sort of reminds me of when the idler arm went out on my old Hilux, but instead of 'clunking' from side to side[of the...

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