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  1. gas mileage

    I am saveing up to swap my motor in my ranger i have a 93 ranger with 2.3 stick. its a standard cab and a short bed. I was wondering what kinda gas mileage i can expect from a 302 in this truck. just ball park figures. trying to get an idea. gonna be my daily driver. :thefinger: thanks for the help
  2. 93 2.3L starting problems

    I have been redoing a 93 ranger trying to get it running. I have replaced my complete under the hood wireing harness. I had the truck running but then it just wouldnt start. I got my starter test three times at two diffrent stores. came back good replaced my started relay. Yet the silonid is...
  3. 93 2.3 Cranksensor wires?

    I have a 93 ranger with the 2.3. i replaced the complete under the hood wiring harness. The truck was not running when i bought it. I noticed there is a little yellows wire that runs to the crank area. it was not hooked up on my first harness. Yet i can not get y truck to fire should i wire this...

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