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  1. project crimson salvation (in progress)

    started out as a 2wd 3.0 body lift custom rack and bumper 4.10 8.8 10in drums and 31-10.50 15s I bought for 2k with a bad motor threw in a used 3.0 for 250 bucks drove it for the summer and the dreaming/planning parts finding began...
  2. 99 2wd 3.0 awaiting a 4.0 4x4 frame swap!

    Just my 99 2wd 3.0 updated big drum 8.8 ranger axle with 4.10s, 31's, on steel wagon wheels, body lift, nice headlights and tinted lenses all around custom rack and bumper, Lund fiberglass add ons, custom CAI, gearing up for a 4.0 4x4 frame swap from a wreaked 2000 I picked up, both are manual...
  3. Need info on a ranger im looking to do a 302 conversion

    ok So im looking for a good platform to do a 2wd 302 ranger build, i have one prospect i need some info/opinions on, its a 1993 Splash 2wd reg cab short stepside bed its supossed to be lowered 4in in the front and 5in in the back, im wondering if i will run into clearance problems when i go to...

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